Summary of Certificate Program Changes

TAIR Professional Development Certificate of Completion
Summary of Changes Effective TAIR 2017

During the 2016-2017 term, the professional development committee discussed several issues related to the TAIR Professional Development Certificate of Completion program. Two of the major concerns were issues about a complicated set of tracks that sometimes seemed to overlap and a structure that seemed overly restrictive in some required workshop content that might not apply to everyone given the diversity of training needs of TAIR members and duties of IR offices in the state. As a result of these discussions, the following changes to the program are scheduled to take effect at the TAIR 2017 Annual Conference.

Simplifying the Tracks
Streamlined the list of tracks to simplify the classification of workshops and remove some software specific designations.

Old Tracks New Tracks
0. Newcomers 0. Newcomers
1. Office Management 1. Office and Project Management
2. Excel 2. Data Analysis Tools and Methods
3. Preparing IR Results Technical (Data Analysis) 2. Data Analysis Tools and Methods
4. Technical (Reporting/Business Intelligence) 3. Technical Tools & Skills
5. Survey Research 3. Technical Tools & Skills
6. Effective Reporting/Report Writing 4. Presentation Skills
7. Presentation Building 4. Presentation Skills
8. State/Federal Reporting Databases/Interfaces 5. Reporting Knowledge and Skills
9. SACSCOC 5. Reporting Knowledge and Skills
10. Assessment Reporting 6. Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
11 .Institutional Effectiveness/Assessment Reporting 6. Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

Level Requirements
Adjusted the level requirements to allow for more flexibility in the type of training taken at each stage of professional development while encouraging a breadth of training.

Old Requirement New Requirement
Level 1
(15 hrs)
Newcomer’s Workshop (or waiver)
2 Additional Courses
Newcomer’s Workshop (or waiver)
Course from Track 2 (Data Analysis Tools)
Elective Track 1 (course from Track 1, 3-6)
1 Additional Courses
Level 2
(12 hrs)
Level 1 Certificate +
Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
3 Additional Courses
Level 1 Certificate
Elective Track 2
3 Additional Courses
Level 3
(12 hrs)
Level 2 Certificate +
3 Additional Courses
Level 2 Certificate +
Elective Track 3
3 Additional Courses


The Elective Tracks are in place to allow members to choose a content area that is most applicable to their needs. At the end of Level 1 participants will have completed 15 hours of training in at least 3 tracks (Newcomer’s, Data Analysis Tools/Methods, and one additional track). At the end of Level 2 participants will have completed a total of 27 hours from at least 4 different tracks (the three tracks from Level 1 plus an additional elective track). At the end of Level 3 participants will have completed 39 hours from at least 5 of the 7 tracks. The additional courses taken at each level can be used to either broaden the range of topics covered or to go more in depth on certain topics.