Officer History

Year Site President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Professional Development Communications (*6)
2020 San Antonio Marc Turner David Brown Dan Su David Malone (*1) Lea Campbell Carmen Allen
2019 Horseshoe Bay Teresa Isbell Marc Turner Dan Su Paul Turcotte Lea Campbell Morgan Carter
2018 Corpus Christi Kara Larkan-Skinner Teresa Isbell Amanda Clark Paul Turcotte Marc Turner Morgan Carter
2017 Houston Soon Merz Kara Larkan-Skinner (*2) Amanda Clark Cathy Delgado Marc Turner Kate Proff
2016 San Antonio Mary Barton Soon Merz Lisa Haynes Cathy Delgado David Brown Kate Proff
2015 Addison Lincoln Holmes Mary Barton Lisa Haynes Tracy Stegmair David Brown Faron Kincheloe
2014 Addison Susan Thompson Lincoln Holmes Sue Herring Tracy Stegmair Tom Corll Faron Kincheloe
2013 Galveston Carol Tucker Susan Thompson Sue Herring Linda Perez Tom Corll Dave Downing
2012 Corpus Christi Darline Morris Carol Tucker Kate Amorella Linda Perez Susan Thompson Dave Downing
2011 Austin Kristi Fisher Darline Morris Kate Amorella Rick Leyva Susan Thompson Bao Huynh
2010 Waco Allen Clark Kristi Fisher Trish Norman Rick Leyva Paul Illich Bao Huynh
2009 Lubbock Joe Meyer Allen Clark Trish Norman Cathy Vale Paul Illich Brian Cordeau
2008 Galveston Ruben Garcia Joe Meyer Darline Morris Cathy Vale Teresa Isbell Brian Cordeau
2007 S. Padre Island Gerry Dizinno Ruben Garcia Darline Morris Jana Marak Teresa Isbell Karen Laljiani
2006 Austin
Gerry Dizinno Danica Frampton Margaret Drain
2005 Arlington Karen Laljiani Christopher Benton Danica Frampton Jaime Garcia
2004 College Station Marilyn Greer Karen Laljiani Rebecca Richter Jaime Garcia
2003 El Paso Michael Green Marilyn Greer Rebecca Richter Jana Marak
2002 Corpus Christi Maryann Ruddock Michael Green Martha Oburn Jana Marak
2001 Clear Lake James Calarco Maryann Ruddock Martha Oburn Karen Laljiani
2000 San Antonio Leona Urbish James Calarco Lillian Young Karen Laljiani
1999 Dallas Thomas Martin Leona Urbish Lillian Young James Calarco
1998 Austin Verna Dewees Thomas Martin Cindy Dutschke Dennis Brandt
1997 South Padre Richard Bailey Verna Dewees Cindy Dutschke James Calarco
1996 Houston Vickie Natale Richard Bailey Patricia Duhon James Calarco
1995 San Antonio Glenn James Vickie Natale Patricia Duhon Lizabeth Elkins
1994 El Paso Mary Korfhage Glenn James Sidney Prewitt Lizabeth Elkins
1993 College Station Susan Griffith Mary Korfhage Deryl Clark Karlease Clark
1992 Galveston James Hale Susan Griffith Sidney Prewitt Karlease Clark
1991 Corpus Christi Todd Hutton James Hale Vickie Natale (*5)
1990 San Antonio Dennis Hengstler Todd Hutton Vickie Natale
1989 Austin Clinton Hurley Dennis Hengstler Denise Watts
1988 Austin (*3) Clinton Hurley Denise Watts
1987 Austin Robert Cullins RoJean Starke Su-Zan Harper
1986 San Antonio Bill Nylin Robert Cullins Su-Zan Harper
1985 Austin Marsha Ivery Bill Nylin Martha Lee
1984 El Paso Joe Szutz Marsha Ivery Martha Lee
1983 Ft. Worth Vicki Mason Joe Szutz Paul Thomas
1982 San Antonio Don Norris Vicki Mason Paul Thomas
1981 Houston Program Committee: Don Norris, Doug Wright, Margaret Reap, Jean Garwood, Leon Spivey Constitution Committee: Bill Lasher (chair), Ross Clark, Les Kincaid, Pritchy Smith, Maryann Steele (Ruddock)
1980 Austin Program Committee: Ann Sewell, Larry Luce, Paul Thomas, Henry Zachringer
1979 Austin Program Committee: Horace Griffitts, Rude Gaedke, Bill Lasher, Joe Szutz

*1 Treasurer was appointed by Executive Committee after elected Treasurer (Bell Weeden) accepted a position outside of higher education in Texas.
*2 Vice-President was appointed by Executive Committee after elected Vice-President (Joe Baumann) moved out of state.
*3 The President moved out of state; Vice President served as Acting President.
*4 The two Member-at-Large positions were created in 2007.
*5 The Secretary / Treasurer position was divided into two positions in 1992.
*6 The Member-at-Large positions were renamed as Officers in 2016. The Technology position was changed to Communications.